Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DVD Case Re-purpose Part 2

I really loved the paper doll DVD case re-purpose and tried another idea for Mother's Day gifts. I guess you could call it a planner. I used paper and cardboard to make a pocket on one side and used spray adhesive to secure it. I also printed out little calenders, hole punched them and used a ribbon the tie them to the cardboard. Then bought some little note books and pens from the dollar store to put on the other side. I though about attaching the paper but decided that I would probably be better leaving them unattached so once the paper runs out they can be refilled.

Next came the embellishments. I picked a different scheme to try and suit each person I was going to give these to, but they all have one common item which is Evey's cute face! I made her sit very still (this may have been the hardest part of the whole project) and I took a profile picture and opened it up in paint on my computer. I zoomed way in and cut out her profile. I could have stopped here because I just needed the shape of her face so I could trace it on card stock, but I may need this for another project so while I was at it I blacked out the image.

To do this is takes a few simple steps:
1- Copy and save colored silhouette into another document. You don't need to do this part, but once you change it to black you cannot undo it so I recommend keeping a back up.

2- Click on "Image" and  then click "Attributes" in the drop down menu

3- At the very bottom of the "Attributes" window it has an option for "Black and white" or "Colors". "Colors" will already be selected so change it to "Black and white" and click "OK". There will be a scary looking window come up warning you there is no turning back once you decide to go to "Black and white" so click "YES".

 Ta-Da, you're done. What's fun is that you can now go in and change the attributes back to "Colors" and make the image any color you want.
This would be fun to do and have printed off in a larger size for home display, and I could have done this rather than tracing on card stock, but I didn't want to use all that ink. Card stock is cheap, computer ink is not.

Here are the finished front covers. I just may need to make one for myself now.