Wednesday, February 8, 2012


A while back I saw this picture on the wonderful Pinterest:
 I was immediately reminded of these black storage shelves that I had. Obviously this photo is from the Internet, I forgot a before picture.

So with my birthday money I went to the Home Depot and bought some really awesome spray paint that gives a hammered steel look. I spray painted all the pieces for the shelf and then assembled it.

Next I bought some sheets of MDF and used my jigsaw to cut them so they would fit on the shelves. I contemplated painting the MDF, which I still may end up doing, but as of now I like the simple look.

 I might add that all I made the covers on all the books, made the decorative balls, painted the suitcase, and recovered the lampshade. But my favorite thing is the blue floral bag on the middle shelf.

Here's why:

I love music, but hate the look of my iPod stand. So I cut a hole in the back of this bag and threaded the power cord though it. Now I can use my remote to turn on my music but now I am the only one who knows were the sound is coming from. Well I guess you know now too :)

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