Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coat Rack

We have a coat closet right across from our front door, but it houses all of Jared's "Army junk" as I refer to it, and we started tossing our coats on the couch as we walked in the front door and it drove me nuts to see them there! So I decided I needed to make a coat rack. I had seen one before that someone had made from an old fence post, but I had no spare fence posts hanging around so I headed to the Home Depot. I found all of the supplies I needed which were a newel post, some shelf supports, and metal coat hooks.

Next came paint. I mixed some white paint with varnish and did two coats on both the post and the "legs". The great thing about these shelf supports is that they already have the hardware attached so I just slid them on to screws that I put into the post. I wish I had thought to take a picture of them so you could see how they work. I have seen picture frames that have this kind of attachment where there is a whole large enough for a nail head to go through on the bottom and then a narrow slit above it so that the nail slides up and won't fall out. Can you picture it?  Lastly I screwed in the hooks.
Here's a close up of the top.

And the finished product. Not bad for a total cost of about $40 huh? You could make it for cheaper if you have a spare post of some sort because that was the big expense at $30.

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  1. This is going to happen in my living room. I can see it now, a yellow coat rack, for only $40! thank you, Kristin!